Who We Are

The Mid-West Student Coalition for Climate Action (MWSCCA) Ohio Chapter is a union of five liberal art schools located in Ohio and serves to unite, prepare, and empower student climate leaders of today for a future of environmental championship. Its members include Denison University, Kenyon College, Oberlin College, College of Wooster, and Ohio Wesleyan University. Our vision is for the MWSCCA to expand all over the Midwest, with each state opening their own chapter.

The MWSCCA seeks to minimize the effects of climate change through conversationĀ and dialouge across social, political, and cultural groups. A great starting place is to read our Education page. It will help you learn about the overwhelming amount of evidence there is that human-caused climate change is occurring, and why it is so important we act. Then, after learning, get involved! Check out our Take Action page. There are plenty of opportunities for people both in and outside of the organizationĀ to contribute to reducing the effects of climate change.