Our Team

Our Dream Team is made up of driven, passionate people who each bring something unique to the table!

IMG_3367.jpgLiam McIlroy

“HEY YOU GUYYYYYYs!!” -Sloth from the Goonies. 

My name is Liam McIlroy, a Senior Environmental Studies Major from just outside of Detroit, Michigan and I’m super stoked to see the MWSCCA thrive! I created this organization with the understanding that we as compassionate and driven students of the liberal arts are among those of great privilege. We must recognize that it is precisely this privilege that bestows upon us perhaps the greatest responsibility of all. Now more than ever, we are morally obligated to reject complacency in the face of indescribable and undeniable climate and therefore social injustice. SO LET’S GET TO IT! 




craigCraig Freeland

Hey. I’m Craig Freeland coming straight out of Lanham, Maryland, about 20 minutes from the nation’s capital. I’m an Environmental Studies major with minors in Education and Art History, which connect to the environmental field more than many might think. Princess Mononoke is my favorite movie at the moment and its relevance to our current issues make it an incredible tool for teaching.





Sunspecified-2 2.jpgummer Aldred

Hi! My name is Summer Aldred, and I’m a freshman from the Detroit area in Michigan. I am an Environmental Studies and Geosciences double major, with a concentration in Sustainable Development. I love everything that involves nature: hiking, gardening, climbing trees, all that great stuff. “Before the Flood” is my favorite documentary/movie at the moment because of the way it raises awareness about the current state of our planet, while giving hope that it isn’t too late to change the downward trend.





Laura Leventhpicture1al

Heyo! My name is Laura Leventhal, and I’m from Akron, OH-IO. I study Biology and Environmental Studies at the College of Wooster. I am interested in pollinators, prairies, and pistachio ice cream. I love hiking, swimming, and being outside as much as possible.  My favorite movie is “O Brother, Where Art Thou”, and while no particular connection to the environment comes to mind, a quote from the loveable yet misguided character, Everett, rings true in our world today: “Yikes! We’re in a tight spot.”






Alessandra Cancalosi

Hi! I’m Alessandra Cancalosi from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. I am a senior Environmental Studies major with an Anthropology & Sociology minor. My senior research was a comparative analysis on the decline of bee populations, and I hope to use my findings to benefit my community through environmental education and the restoration of pollinator habitats. I always love watching Planet Earth and being astounded by the amazing world we live in.





Mmscca2.jpgeg Sutter

I’m Meg Sutter, a senior at Denison Unversity. I am majoring in communication and minoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. I played soccer at Denison all four years and studied abroad in Prague my spring semester of Junior year. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, but my favorite place that I’ve been to in the world is Plitvice national park in Croatia. My favorite musical artist is Billy Joel, my favorite film director is Alfred Hitchcock, and my favorite food is popcorn.






Image 3-2-17 at 6.53 PM.jpg

Eva Blockstein

Hey, my name is Eva Blockstein and I’m a sophomore from Takoma Park, Maryland, right next to DC. I’m a zoology major and sculpture minor at Ohio Wesleyan University. I live in our schools sustainable living community, The Tree House, and am the president of the Environment and Wildlife Club! I love octopuses, long walks in the woods, and art.





Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 13.02.25 PM.png

Matt Meyers

Hi! I’m Matt Meyers, and I’m from Roanoke, Virginia. I’ve been an environmental activist organizer for several years now. I like to hike, but I love protesting more. If I were a cinematographer, I’d be Josh Fox and if I were an author I’d be Naomi Klein, but I guess I’ll settle for Matt Meyers.





Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 13.30.00 PM.jpg

Emma Garschagen

Hey! I’m Emma Garschagen, a sophomore from Millbrook, New York. I’m an Environmental Studies major with a Studio Art minor and maybe also a Biology minor because who knows what’ll happen. I intern for Riverkeeper, teach sailing, and am a boat captain because water is life! My favorite cheese is gouda, btw.






Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 3.33.42 PM.png

Fiona McNichols

Hi my name is Fiona McNichols! I’m a Denison student from Chicago, and I’m an Environmental Studies major with a minor Studio Art. Most of the art I create is inspired by nature because nature to me is the foundation for everything.






Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 1.44.20 PM.png

Charlotte King

Hey guys, I’m Charlotte King, a senior environmental studies and biology double major at Denison University. I’m interested in ocean conservation and marine biology, even from the landlocked state of Ohio. We don’t all see the ocean everyday, but we all affect it everyday! I love to make music and am program director of Denison’s radio station, 91.1 WDUB.  You can catch me outside reading and pretending I’m on a tropical island.





Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 7.54.05 PM.pngAnandita Gupta

HI! My name is Anandita Gupta and I am a junior pursuing a double major in Environmental Studies and Economics at Denison. I come from the city Indore in India. My interest lies in the field of sustainable planning and energy. I love taking spontaneous trekking trips, playing squash, cooking and singing (although not sure how much people enjoy hearing me sing:). My favorite movie is Good Will Hunting and a I am a big fan of Coldplay. I dream and work for the day when sustainability is not just a goal, but a way of life!