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 The 2017 SCEA (formerly MWSCCA) Climate Conference

We Can, We Will, We Must, WE DID!


Our theme for the 2017 Climate Conference was as follows, “We can, We will, We must: Discovering our role as student activists, and determining how we can be most effective in expressing our concerns!” Not only did this conference consist of discussions about important social and political issues through an environmental lens, but we also had several exceptional keynote speakers in attendance including The Yes Men and Madonna Thunder Hawk.

The Yes Men, are a hilariously quirky activist duo who’ve been behind numerous non-traditional, highly satirical stunts of what they call “identity correction”! Get ready to hear both Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno will speak to their personal successes and failures as activists, as well as the adversity they faced along the way. Check out the trailer for their latest movie here!: The Yes Men Are Revolting—Movie Trailer

Madonna Thunder Hawk has been an environmental and political activist for almost her entire adult life, being one of the main leaders in the American Indian Movement (AIM) and, more recently, the primary organizer at the Standing Rock movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline. We were honored to have her come share her wisdom and insight that she has acquired from years of dedicated activism so that there would be be strides made to ensure equality and justice for her family, community, and nation.

This is the time to make a change, and this is the time to have these important conversations. 

Edited by Summer Aldred & Liam McIlroy